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Common Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Roof


A problematic roof makes your home extremely vulnerable to all types of issues. According to roofing experts, the average lifespan of a roof is about 25 to 50 years. The longevity of a roof also depends on its quality, type, and durability. Every home requires a good roofing system that’s […]

Too Many Gables?


You’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is often true for homes and other properties as well. Different people have different styles, and what stands out as outstanding to one person may be an appalling junk heap to another. For example, how many […]

Don’t Wait for a Water Leak to Replace Your Roof


If there’s one thing homeowners often dread, it’s replacing the roof. Many factors determine how quickly your roof will deteriorate or how long it may last. You don’t want to wait until you spring a leak to replace the old worn-out roof on your house. While large pricey projects aren’t […]

Having Your Home Roof Replaced? Prepare for This Process with These Tips!


A lot of responsibility comes with owning a home. Adequately managing the important parts of your home like the roof can be challenging. As time goes by, the existing roof on your home will wear out and will have to be replaced. Contractors install round 5 million new roofs in […]

How to Prepare Your Home for Roof Replacement


Getting a new roof is exciting. Your children and pets may watch in shock as they see the roofers rip, tear, and nail. They may as well want to move close to see what’s going on, but that is, of course, risky. When the roofing contractor comes, your home will […]



ABC Windows and More began in 1993 by the name JmJ Construction as a home makeover installation company to satisfy a critical gap that needed in the external home remodeling industry. JmJ primary mission was to offer quality home renovation products like roofing, siding, and replacement of windows. Later on, […]

5 Reasons to Repair Your Roof


Next to the foundation, roofing is an essential part of your home. We know roofing repairs are expensive. However, procrastinating can cause further damages and increase the cost of repairs yearly. We’ve given you five reasons to schedule your replacement today! Health Is it safe to say that your top […]

Maintain Your Roof with Professional Assistance


Taking care of your roof can be one of the most difficult parts of owning a home. However, most of these tasks can be outsourced to a skilled contractor that handles the exterior parts of homes, such as windows, doors, and roofs. With professional assistance, maintaining your roof becomes a […]

Common Roofing Problems


The roof is the most critical parts of your home because it protects you and your family from elements and animals. Eventually as the house ages, so does the roof. Whether the roof is affected by the weather or common aging symptoms, the decision to repair or replace the roof […]