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Retractable Awning Features

By Sunsetter Retractable Awnings
with Authorized Reseller ABC Windows And More

Sunsetter Retractable Awning

Transform your deck or patio into your favorite place to be with a Sunsetter Retractable Awning today! You will soon be relaxing and enjoying lots of new found outdoor living with a Sunsetter Awning. Here are a few retractable awning features why a Sunsetter helps you get more enjoyment from your home and time outdoors:

  • Reclaim your deck or patio
  • Ultimate Sun Protection
  • Affordable shade solution
  • Beautiful and premium retractable awning quality
  • Motorized retractable awning option available with remote control
  • Available in several colors
  • Lots of retractable awning accessories like built in lights, remote controls and more
  • Tough, unbreakable Lexan, weatherproof lights option or no-glare smoke colored prismatic globes
  • Like adding another room to your home

Retractable Awning by Sunsetter


Most homes have decks or patios, but it’s often the least used space around your home. That’s because it’s either too hot to use when the sun is out or too bright to sit and read or relax, or worse yet, rain showers force you indoors. Not with a Sunsetter Awning, you control the weather. You decide when you want to enjoy the outdoors. The hot sun or a passing rain shower won’t stop you from eating, entertaining, reading, playing games with your kids, or simply sitting back and relaxing on your deck or patio any time you choose.

Start enjoying outdoor living activities and make your deck or patio the favorite room in the house with a new retractable awning by Sunsetter Awnings with ABC Windows And More today! Don’t wait! Call 419-931-6573 now to schedule an in home consultation!

Enjoy beauty and protection for outdoor living events with America’s #1 best selling retractable awning, like:

  • Outdoor Family Dining
  • Worry Free Parties
  • Backyard Entertaining
  • Ultimate Sun Protection

In fact, with a new Sunsetter Awning you will get more use of your deck or patio than ever before! Over 85% of our customers actually share with us they use their deck or patio more often since getting their Sunsetter awning. In addition, you will discover cool, comfortable shade in seconds. It’s a fact it can be up to 20 degrees cooler under your Sunsetter awning. So, if the sun makes it impossible to have fun on your deck, just unroll your retractable awning or simply touch a button with our remote control with our motorized retractable awning, and you can have a beautiful shaded sanctuary in seconds. You can still enjoy the breeze, the view, the birds – but now you can laugh at the hot sun with the protection of the retractable awning. A retractable awning is like outdoor air conditioning. Incidentally, your pets will love the shade and the new retractable awning too! And, yes, that’s just the beginning of the story!

Right now you can save up to $200 with ABC Windows And More, Ohio’s local authorized Sunsetter Awnings reseller if you call now ! Yes, it is true! Don’t miss this opportunity to get the Sunsetter Awning of your choice and start loving your time outdoors in comfort and protection. You’ll love how a Sunsetter Awning protects you and your family from 99% of harmful UV rays. You’ll love being able to enjoy the outdoors when you want, and how your awning can make your deck or patio up to 20 degrees cooler. Plus, a new Sunsetter awning can help save energy and cut your air conditioning bills by blocking the sun from windows and sliding glass doors.

Best of all, you’ll love how you’ll get all these benefits and save $200 at the same time! Just mention you saw it on the web when you make your appointment! Call ABC Windows And More now at 419-931-6573 or fill out the pop-up form now! We’re waiting to hear from you and answer all your retractable awning questions! Life is better under a Sunsetter Awning!