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Too Many Gables?

You’ve heard it said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is often true for homes and other properties as well. Different people have different styles, and what stands out as outstanding to one person may be an appalling junk heap to another.

For example, how many gables is too many? You’ll see a lot of answers on the Internet – everybody has an opinion. Looking at a particular snapshot of a brooding building, you’ll hear people asking why a designer would create such a monstrosity, while other people think the same property is a winning example of modern-day architecture!

The term “McMansion hell” has emerged to apply to some of these situations – where outsiders have some specific criticism about the way that a building was designed and built. Haters gonna hate – sure – but in many cases, people do agree that a design was a bit over the top. Regardless, others really like to see a lot of jagged edges – dormers stuck on small roof slants, a choc-a-block extension, and a lot of outbuildings seemingly clustered into one big molecular mass. You get the picture….

Installation and Maintenance

Regardless of how many gables are on your home, where they are located, and what they are attached to, the reality is that each one needs to be installed carefully and in a precise way. Each one also needs to be maintained over time, to prevent leaks or problems with flashing or anything else. That’s true whether you have slate, or asphalt, or metal, or terra cotta, or godforbid, a monstrous mix of all of these atop your abode. 

Our promise to you is that we will help to maintain all of your gables, no matter how many you chose for your property. We also do roofing and windows, as well as working on additions like sunrooms or bed and bath extensions. Browse the web site to see how we have created solutions for a variety of Toledo homeowners. 

Again, different people approach projects in different ways. We always approach a new customer with a listening ear to brainstorm and collaborate on what’s best for their property. We want you to be absolutely happy with the result, and to be able to be confident about the integrity of your property over the long-term. That’s a part of our goal. 

Around the Toledo, Ohio area, we are well-known as a major firm for windows and more. Don’t forget to check out our available deals on the website! Talk to us about how to get great work done locally.