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A Screened-In Room

Let’s talk about a specific kind of home improvement – screening in a portion of your property to have an open all-weather room.

It’s not like roofing, and it’s not like installing siding, but in a certain way, it is like both of those things. It’s also a sizable investment in a property that can add value in more ways than one. A screened in area can be a great way to achieve multi-use solutions for a part of your home, in a way that works well practically.

A Screened-In Room

A Traditional Build

You can see from old movies and books that the screened porch idea has been a traditional way to build in American communities.

There are a few reasons for this – screened-in spaces help with the scourge of bugs in the summer, and provide interior spaces with the roof that you don’t have to heat over the winter. In between, they provide relaxing areas for lounging, dining, entertaining, and a lot more, while enjoying the fresh, crisp air of the spring or fall seasons.

There is also an aesthetic component to the screen porch that you see in the architectural styles of old buildings. You’re less likely to see these designs in new houses, partly because of the building conventions for these homes and the common use of fully enclosed garages. Still, some new building does feature all-weather designs because these are so popular with buyers.

Designing Your Screened-In Room

In designing a screened-in space in your home, you’re looking at a particular part of your building’s envelope. The roof, as we’ve talked about, covers your property – and windows are the apertures that your property breathes through. Screened areas are nice kinds of transitional spaces that can help provide functionality for your home or investment property.

Professional Help

Our experienced people help to install roofing, windows, screened porches, and other installations and products at local properties. This can be an excellent investment in your property’s curb appeal, and can help you to compete in a real estate market locally or get more out of the property that you live in. You can see a lot more on the website about our guarantees of quality and satisfaction, as well as shipping and delivery details, and our track record in Perrysburg, Ohio and surrounding areas. You can also read about how we got started, with a vision to serve the community. We are proud to be a part of this community and have a great network within the local area! Let us know what you need.

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