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Getting New Windows – Why?


Let’s be honest – some homeowners like their legacy windows that have been built into a home or property over past generations. While the vast majority of buildings have now been fitted with new modern energy-efficient windows, some still have those ancient types of windows and dormers featuring thin wood […]

How to Replace a Window


Whether you’re enhancing the look of your home, saving on energy, or fixing a draft, installing a replacement window requires skill, experience, and the proper tools. Luckily, we’ve made it easy with our guide on how to install a replacement window like a pro. Materials Needed Before replacing windows yourself, […]

Determining The Right Windows For Your Needs


Whether you are in the beginning stages of building a new home or planning to make updates to your current one, understanding the different types of windows can help you make the right choices for your needs. Windows serve many purposes in homes, from allowing you to view beautiful vistas, […]



ABC Windows and More began in 1993 by the name JmJ Construction as a home makeover installation company to satisfy a critical gap that needed in the external home remodeling industry. JmJ primary mission was to offer quality home renovation products like roofing, siding, and replacement of windows. Later on, […]

Why Windows are So Important to Your Home


It can be easy to take windows for granted. For some of us, the primary things we consider when looking at windows is how well we can see outside and if the frame is leaking. It might be rare to wash a window or when you do, it’s inside-only, especially […]

How to Get Your Windows Replaced With Something Energy-Efficient from ABC Windows Toledo


ABC Windows And More was founded nearly a decade ago. And it comes from one of the most important parent companies here in the US. Our parent company is none other than the JmJ Construction (which got its start in 1993). In order to meet an unfilled need that people, […]

How Much Money Can You Save With Energy Efficient Windows


Windows play a significant role in the amount of money homeowners spend on their monthly heating and cooling bills. Many homes, especially older ones, can benefit by upgrading to energy-efficient windows. At ABC Windows and More in Toledo, we help Ohio homeowners switch to beautiful, energy-efficient windows. Here’s how much […]

How You Can Save Money By Switching to Energy Efficient Windows


When it comes to home repairs, many people follow the adage, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” At first glance, this position may seem reasonable. After all, why spend money on something new when what you have now works well enough. However, when you don’t replace an inefficient system […]

A “Diversified” Windows Company


If you’re an investor, you’ve probably heard that old saw about how your portfolio is best off diversified – but you can really apply that to other kinds of business, including your relationships with contractors. ABC Windows and More is a diversified window business – that means we don’t just […]

Replacement Windows Double Hung

ABC Windows And More offers the best replacement windows double hung , sliders, casement, retractable awnings, bay windows,bow windows, garden windows, and everything in between! We offer today’s leading replacement window engineering and craftsmanship. Every window comes with built-in quality and professional installation with a Lifetime warranty. Most importantly, you will fast love the new found maintenance-free […]