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Getting New Windows – Why?

Let’s be honest – some homeowners like their legacy windows that have been built into a home or property over past generations.

While the vast majority of buildings have now been fitted with new modern energy-efficient windows, some still have those ancient types of windows and dormers featuring thin wood frames and antique glass.

These types of windows are undoubtedly nice to look at – but they can be a maintenance nightmare. Here are three key reasons to upgrade to modern durable windows that more effectively seal hot and cold air inside the home.

Getting New Windows – Why

Energy Efficiency

We’ve come a long way with energy-efficient appliances and systems. The government’s Energy Star program seeks to identify the energy footprint of installations that you add to your home’s footprint. However, these efficient systems are less efficient when old windows fail to keep heated or cooled air from escaping the building. If your furnace or air conditioner is running 24/7, it may have to do with the age of the windows in your building.

Old Trim Problems

When it comes to windows, the last generation’s wooden trim is notoriously fragile. It doesn’t take much to dislodge one of these frame components from around the glass. You’ll see that while old windows may feature a nine pane construction of 3 x 3 squares, new windows have a single large pane, often a double pane surrounded by a strong and sturdy main frame. This type of design is worlds better at energy efficiency and protection for your property.

Old Wavy Glass

You might like the way your old glass looks so much that it’s hard to upgrade, even when you have damaged to a particular part of your window. It happens for one reason or another – a dropped ball or a flying elbow can create a spiderweb crack or worse in one of those little individual windowpanes. The temptation is to just paste a piece of cardboard over the broken area, or let it go altogether, so you don’t have to lose that beautiful antique glass look. However, again, these windows are not great at maintaining energy efficiency, or even resale value for a property.

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