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How You Can Save Money By Switching to Energy Efficient Windows

How You Can Save Money By Switching to Energy Efficient Windows

When it comes to home repairs, many people follow the adage, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” At first glance, this position may seem reasonable. After all, why spend money on something new when what you have now works well enough. However, when you don’t replace an inefficient system with something better, you’re losing money in other ways. This dynamic is at work whenever energy consumption is involved. Lowering your monthly utility bill will lead to huge savings over time. Here’s how you can save money by switching to energy efficient windows, such as those provided by ABC Windows and More in Toledo.

At ABC Windows and More, we utilize cutting-edge, energy-efficient technology that features an advanced insulating glass package. The process is optimized to enhance the overall performance of your replacement window and to lower your utility spending. We use some of the most energy efficient replacement windows in the industry; thanks to a combination of thermally-insulated frames, and Low-E w/Krypton Gas glass.

Most windows used in windows are made with thermal glazed glass system to prevent energy from being lost due to thermal transfers. Windows with good insulation prevent your home from warming up quickly during the summer and keep heat from escaping during the winter. ABC Windows and More uses dual glazed glass packs that exceed the thermal glazed glass systems found most commonly in wood and new construction vinyl windows today. While it’s not related to energy efficiency, the second pane also acts as an additional noise barrier.

To keep window glass clear yet insulated, a combination of inert gases are used to fill the dual insulating glass cavities. Inert gases don’t react with anything, so they are harmless. But using these gases, such as the Krypton gas used in our energy efficient windows, provides a superior insulating capability against the transfer of heat or cold from the outside.

Additionally, state-of-the-art Low-E glass coatings are applied to the glass to keep winter warmth and summer heat out by blocking UV rays. The windows also feature a warm edge spacer system that reduces condensation and improves thermal efficiency.

Besides the quality of our glass, the installation process used by ABC Windows and More increases the energy efficiency of these replacement windows. We use a CFC-free, closed cell, foam-filled frame, and sash. This combination is virtually maintenance free and made from pure, first-run vinyl, which offers greater durability, strength, and thermal insulation compared to traditional window materials.

The combination of thermal coatings, insulating gases, and a warm-edge spacer system creates unique, high-performing glass packages that are designed for your specific home and climate. If you’re ready to lower your utility bill by making your home more energy efficient, ABC Windows and More can help. Our team can do other things to reduce the amount of energy that is lost due to thermal exchange. Besides replacing your windows with more energy-efficient ones, we can also install a retractable awning that can keep parts of your home cooler during hot, sunny days.

ABC Windows and More also has financing options so that you can repair your home or start saving money on bills now. We even have special offers such as interest-free financing for 18-months or get a house full of replacement windows for just $65 per month. 

Whether you want to replace a door, your windows, or do other home improvements, ABC Windows and More is here to help. We have been serving the Greater Toledo area for nearly a decade, and our company has become known for providing high-quality work at an affordable price. Send us a message online if you have any questions about using our team for your next home improvement project.