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ABC Windows and More began in 1993 by the name JmJ Construction as a home makeover installation company to satisfy a critical gap that needed in the external home remodeling industry. JmJ primary mission was to offer quality home renovation products like roofing, siding, and replacement of windows. Later on, in 2010, JmJ changed its name to ABC Windows and More and wanted to expand more on homeowner’s needs and requests. The newfound focus was sun setter retractable awnings, patio enclosures, replacement windows, all-season sunrooms, screened rooms, covered porches, decks, and rooms addition.

Sunroom -Screen Room 

It is one of the best qualities and values in vinyl and aluminum outdoor living rooms and spaces. It offers you a controlled climate room to have fun in outward while warm when it’s cold or warm.

Roofing and Siding

ABC Windows and More offers roof replacements and siding installation that defines beauty, value, and durability of each home. Our experience throughout the year will help you create your dreams come 

Entry Doors 

Quality entry doors are a must for each home; it not only provides security out but also helps to keep in calm energy and warmth of each house, especially in Ohio. ABC Windows and More offers two types of an entry door. First, fiberglass entry doors with an oak grain textured surface and two finishes ready to paint. A smooth white surface for a more seamless, clean look. Second, steel entry doors are available with a white poly-tix finish paint or a flat primer.

Sun setter Retractable Awning

Do you want a great porch or patio, ABC Windows And More offers excellent and most popular branded retractable awning from sun setter? Either at home or business place, we create usable areas during hot days or rainy days. ABC Windows and More offers a free-standing oasis Canopies and a comfortable shade for sun protection. There are many options in color, fabrics, style, and size.

Replacement Windows Toledo  

Our product origination, combined with our small-scale production, allows us to create a unique design and solution with a short time. We offer all types of windows renovations available in all different sizes and shapes. ABC Windows And More can help you find your style that fits your needs.


ABC Windows and More are the best and waiting to serve you for all your next home improvement in making your home a dream house.