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How to Prepare Your Home for Roof Replacement

Getting a new roof is exciting. Your children and pets may watch in shock as they see the roofers rip, tear, and nail. They may as well want to move close to see what’s going on, but that is, of course, risky. When the roofing contractor comes, your home will be a work zone and work zones can be hazardous.

To ensure roof replacement runs smoothly, here are some tips you may want to keep in mind:

Consider the Safety of Your Kids and Pets

During a roof replacement, loud noises can make everyone people anxious and interfere with sleep habits. Although watching from a safe distance may seem exciting, work zones are not safe for pets and children. 

That’s why you need to talk to your children and let them know which sections of the home will be out of reach until the work is over. It’s not easy for young children to understand these dangers, which is why you could visit friends or family during the roof replacement. 

 Relocate Your Automobiles 

You may not like it, but your roofing contractor will need that parking space so the work can go on seamlessly. Contractors need fast access to their equipment and trucks the entire day. Not to mention, they need space to load debris and shingles.

So, it’s important to keep your vehicles far from this place until work is done. Additionally, keep the garage doors shut throughout the construction to help keep out dirt.

Take Down Wall Decorations

As the roof replacement project goes on, the vibrations from various tools and equipment may move through the walls, particularly if deck repairs are required. The vibrations may be strong enough to break or crack some of your most brittle wall hangings. 

Thus, you may need to check out all the rooms below the roof and remove wall decorations. Consider pictures, clocks, knick-knacks and other items from the ceiling or walls. Start by removing those decorations without screws to permanently secure them. If you’ve decorative light fixtures, such as chandeliers, you should remove them as well.

 Cover Personal Items in the Attic

As the roof replacement goes on, several installers will be all over the roof as they pound it. As a result, debris or dust will drop in the attic.

If you’ve personal belongings in the attic, you can cover them with drop cloths and old sheets until the roofing installers complete their work. Even after covering the items, you will need to vacuum the entire areas once construction is over.

Relocate Patio Furniture and Grills

If you’ve outside items, such as grills, lawn ornaments, potted plants, and patio furniture, you may need to move them to a garage or shed before the installation of a new roof.

If there’s no on-site storage, you’ll want to place the items somewhere within the yard and ensure they are far away from the working area.

Remember, most contractors may not be ready to help you move personal objects outside or inside your home.

Wrapping Up

The success of your roof installation project partly depends on how prepared you are. Once you play your part, the contractors will play theirs easily and you’ll save money on your roof replacement too.