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What Your Front Door May Say About You

We have all heard the saying that “the home is where the heart is,” and for many of us, that describes just how we feel about the places we call home. Our houses not only provide us with a sanctuary for our families and loved ones, but they also offer ways for us to express ourselves and celebrate our lifestyles.

If our homes are where the heart is, then their front doors are their most important exterior aspect. The front door is not only the entrance into your sanctuary, welcoming you inside; it is also a projection of your personality. 

Considering More Than Functionality

When you are choosing a front door, of course, you consider the cost, style of your home, efficiency, and maintenance, but it is also important to think about what the door may be saying about you. Choosing a front door that matches your energy, style, and personality can help you create a home that is in sync with who you are as a family. 

The Energy Of Colors

Colors have long been associated with possessing and emitting certain energies, and they can also be connected to saying a lot about different personality types. For example, dining rooms used to traditionally be painted or wallpapered in shades of red, as it is thought to stimulate the appetite and heighten the senses. 

Welcoming Reds

Red doors are a popular American tradition due to their welcoming hue. Bright red doors exude the vibrant lifestyle within, one that’s full of energy and excitement. Darker red hues on doors give an inviting and warm welcome to guests, creating a feeling of warmth and safety. 

Calming Blues

If you choose a blue front door, depending on its shade, it can be associated with various attributes. Darker shades of blue lend a grounded and calming vibe to your entrance, where lighter shades of blue promote sincerity and friendliness. The color blue carries calming energy, which means any shade of blue door will have a calming effect on those who enter.

Fresh And Clean White

The most popular front door color is white, typically due to the fact that it aligns itself nicely with any style of home. The color white is associated with cleanliness and crispness, fresh, simple, and serene. White front doors exude peacefulness and organization and are welcoming to family and guests.

Choosing The Door That Suits You

Whatever the color and style you choose for your front door, whether it is solid wood or adorned with cut glass, your door should make you feel happy to be home. Let ABC Windows And More help you choose the perfect front door that will welcome you home for many years to come.