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Signs it Is Time to Invest in a New Entry Door for Your Home

The entry door, leading into your home, plays a huge role in the overall look of the structure. A welcoming entryway is going to make visitors feel at ease and relaxed as they approach your home. Also, the right front door can even help to increase your home’s value. Unfortunately, if your entryway door is damaged and in need of repairs, your home will lose its curb appeal and lose value. 

Knowing when it is time to replace your home’s front door is directly linked to the structure’s curb appeal, safety, and value. In fact, it is essential that you the signs a replacement is needed. 

The Presence of Cracks or Warps

There are several things that may cause damage to your home’s entryway door. For example, harsh winters and age can cause the door to crack and warp. As time passes, the door may no longer function as it should. The cracks may also be an indication that the door is structurally weak and if this is the case, bugs may be able to enter the home. No matter the reason, a cracked or warped door is a serious safety concern and an issue you need to address right away. 

Sticking or Squeaking

It can be quite annoying if your door begins to squeak or stick when it is opened or closed. Usually, this problem occurs as the door gets older. However, it may also occur because of damage, like moisture, that has gotten into the wood or due to worn out hinges. The problem will likely get worse as time passes. If you notice these sounds or if it is difficult for you to open the door, then it is a good idea to invest in a replacement. 


Have you noticed a draft as you walk by the front door? If so, it means there are gaps between the door and frame. This is something that occurs naturally as time passes. 

While it is possible to use a door stopper to prevent these drafts, this is just a temporary fix. A door stopper will not help you keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature. The only solution to drafts is a new door. This will help to keep drafts out, reduce utility costs, and increase your home’s value. 


With changing temperatures and adverse weather, condensation may begin to build-up between the glass panes in your door. Along with this, moisture may begin to spread through the wood and the fixtures, resulting in mildew and mold if the problem isn’t fixed. 

While mold can be cleaned away, it is usually a sign there is an issue with the glass seals. In most cases, the most affordable option will be to purchase a new door, instead of trying to treat the mold and completely replace the seal. It is also important to eliminate the mold for health reasons

Is it Time to Replace Your Home’s Entryway Door?

This is a good question and one you need to consider carefully. If you are ready to buy a new door, be sure to consult with the professionals, who can help you find the right door for your needs.