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Uses For A Sunroom


What can you do with one of these innovative light and bright rooms as an extension of your home, or a renovation on an existing footprint? Well, here’s some of what our customers have set up that we think looks good in a sunroom… Partially Screened In Sunroom Area You […]

The Fashion Of Glassed-In Walls


Back a few blog posts ago, we talked about some of the major benefits of having larger windows in a room. We’d like to expand on that a little bit, by also integrating the idea of modern or classic fashion with large windows and glass-wall spaces. First of all, think […]

Knowing The Local Market


At ABC Windows, we are a top seller of home systems including windows, retractable awnings and more. Based out of the Toledo and Perrysburg area, we serve a wide swath of northern Ohio perched right up here on the Great Lakes. Doing good business means knowing your community. We also […]

Bow And Bay Windows

What’s the difference between a bow and a bay window? If it sounds like a tongue twister to you, you’re not alone. These somewhat antiquated terms describe two types of windows that are more complex than the conventional single pane setup that most of us are used to. Both of […]

Considerations With Casement Windows

At ABC Windows and More, we are the source for all things door and window. We provide excellent replacement windows as well as siding, awnings and much more. One of the popular items that many new properties have designed in are casement windows. These specialized windows allow for fresh air […]

Our Fiberglass Entry Doors

Do you want an attractive new option for your front door? Maybe you have damage to this part of your property, or you may have an outdated front door design, with no window or structure to allow modernizing your lock and key system. In other cases, you may have poor […]

ABC and Sunsetter Retractable Awnings


Locals around Perrysburg, Ohio know we are the place to go for windows, siding and more – but let’s talk a little bit about some of our more specific products, and why we’ve decided to offer them to our customer base, both locally and online. The Sunsetter Retractable Awning is […]

Three Reasons To Replace Your Windows


Windows are one of the most important parts of the home. They shape how your home looks from the outside, and help you experience a little bit of the outdoors while you’re inside. Yet, while windows may seem simple — just a pane of glass that lets you see through […]

The Elegance of Side Panels


Door and window technology has come a long way in just a few years. We’ve talked about how innovations like biometric design have changed lock and key security, and how smart home systems bring new ways to cook and clean, but those aren’t the only ways that these installations have […]

Getting New Windows – Why?


Let’s be honest – some homeowners like their legacy windows that have been built into a home or property over past generations. While the vast majority of buildings have now been fitted with new modern energy-efficient windows, some still have those ancient types of windows and dormers featuring thin wood […]