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Three Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Three Reasons To Replace Your Windows

Windows are one of the most important parts of the home. They shape how your home looks from the outside, and help you experience a little bit of the outdoors while you’re inside. Yet, while windows may seem simple — just a pane of glass that lets you see through a wall —  having the appropriate windows can actually affect all sorts of factors in how you enjoy your house.

Having poor quality or damaged windows can actually cost you a lot of money in the long run, as well as being unpleasant and gross to look at. If you haven’t replaced your windows in ages or are still using the windows from when you purchased your property, here are three reasons why it might be time to get some new ones.

Upgrading Your Windows

One of the best reasons to purchase new windows is upgrading older, poor-quality windows. While windows might seem simple, there’s actually a world of nuance in different types of windows, and newer windows tend to come with a huge variety of benefits and features that older windows lack. For example, older cheap single-pane glass windows tend to have very conductive thermal qualities, allowing heat to escape your house in the winter and enter your house in the summer.

In turn, this can make your home uncomfortable to live in, while racking up additional dollars in electricity bills if you use air conditioning or central heating. Look for an Energy Star label when purchasing windows to ensure they’re compliant with energy efficiency standards as set and regulated by the United States government. Modern windows can also be purchased equipped with UV blocking technology, to keep heat and harmful radiation from the sun out of your house during the summer.

Windows That Need Repairs

Of course, even if you don’t care about the efficiency of your windows, sometimes there’s no doubt that rotted or degraded windows just have to be repaired. Damaged window panes or window sills can result in water leaks and water damage along the interior of your house, as well as extreme thermal issues since cracks in the window setting, expose the inside of your house to the elements, essentially rendering the entire concept of staying indoors moot.

Damaged windows can even lead to pest infestations, with insects burrowing into your window sill or your home in the fall when the temperature outdoors drops. If you notice that your windows are in poor condition, you should have them replaced as soon as possible.

Safety Concerns

Finally, you may want to replace your windows due to safety concerns. Windows that are prone to jamming, as well as windows that don’t open at all, should be replaced, especially if they’re installed on the upper floors. Windows serve as important fire exits in case of emergency. Old windows that jam easily can pose a legitimate safety hazard. You should also consider purchasing new windows with a locking mechanism, to prevent burglars from entering your home through the windows while you’re sleeping or away from the house.

You can even purchase tinted windows in order to avoid privacy concerns — such as in sensitive areas like the bedroom or bathroom — just in case you don’t remember to shut the blinds one day. If you’re ready to upgrade or replace your windows, please do not hesitate to contact us here at ABC Windows and More today!