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Bow And Bay Windows

What’s the difference between a bow and a bay window?

If it sounds like a tongue twister to you, you’re not alone. These somewhat antiquated terms describe two types of windows that are more complex than the conventional single pane setup that most of us are used to. Both of them have been used in a range of properties, from mansions to small ranchers in mid-century planned communities.

Both of them provide some expansive views and require their own kinds of construction. Let’s talk a little bit about both of these window types that we offer at ABC Windows and provide for a satisfied customer base. 

Bow Windows

Bow windows are shaped like an arch or curve. Their build requires a three-dimensional support base. What does that look like? From the inside, it looks like an alcove built into the wall of a room. From the outside, you may see expansions of brick or stone, or whatever the exterior wall is made of.

The curve is achieved by the use of casement panes that are on either side of the main window.

Bow windows have some attractive benefits. There’s a benefit to being able to see out of this angled multi-pane window from different directions, and you can also place items in the alcove for decoration. Natural light also filters through in a different way. But these windows take some considerable care and maintenance as a three-dimensional aperture, and the original build requires quite a bit of cost, too. 

Bay Windows

Bay windows are simply larger linear windows with casements on either side. Unlike bow windows, they are not angled to create that curved structure. They’re still multi-pane windows and they provide an expansive or panoramic view of an outdoor space, and on the plus side, they do save space in a building footprint, so for a smaller lot especially, bay windows make a lot of sense. In some ways, they’re a precursor to other improvements like large glass sliding doors or even glass walls that give more of a view to the inhabitant of a building. 

Bow and Bay Windows: Similarities

With both of these types of complex windows, you have multiple panes to be outfitted with curtain rods, draperies, blinds, etc.

There’s also the question of energy efficiency and weatherization – are your windows properly sealed and built in a modern way, to provide good insulation for heated or cooled air?

With the right design and care, these can be a great addition to your home.

We offer bay and bow windows, along with casements and other kinds of window settings. You can also check out our sunsetter retractable awnings and other kinds of home installations! Get quality from a company that cares.