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Considerations With Casement Windows

At ABC Windows and More, we are the source for all things door and window. We provide excellent replacement windows as well as siding, awnings and much more.

One of the popular items that many new properties have designed in are casement windows. These specialized windows allow for fresh air and light without being flung wide open in the traditional way that sliding windows work. They are also a neat design component from a visual standpoint, and they can stand up rather well to elements and wear over time. 

What is a Casement Window?

A casement window has a cranking hinge attached to it in order to control the angle of the aperture. It doesn’t fully “open” the way that you would expect a traditional window to open – because it doesn’t have to. 

These windows tend to be tall and thin, or alternately, they can be more broadly rectangular and crank from the bottom. These types of vertical casement windows look more like plantation shutters or some other type of storm barrier, and they can actually help to shield a building from the elements, in some cases. 

Size of Casement Windows

When thinking about installing casement windows at a property, property owners will want to consider the size, and whether the windows will crack from the bottom or the side.

For example, many types of tall, thin casement windows really don’t provide for any kind of emergency entrance or exit. If that’s important to you at a particular location, you may want a bigger traditional sliding window and not a casement window. Casement windows are not usually a source of fire safety exits or useful for this kind of planning. 

Cranking Radius

It’s also important to think about how you will use casement windows over time. What type of cranking radius do you need? Do you only need to slide these open a crack, or will you want more fresh air with a wider angle? Casement windows are rarely screened, so insects may be a factor. 

Color and Style

Casement windows also come in a number of colors and styles. Some, like a Tudor-style latticed casement window, will be specialized to fit the architecture and design of a particular building. Others are more widely useful. 

Our modern casement windows come in several appealing trim colors and frame colors. Take a look at what we offer at ABC Windows and More, and select the items that are best for your property.