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Seven Benefits Of Our Vinyl Sunroom Installations

We sell vinyl sunrooms – modern and well-engineered additions to your home that will help you to enjoy more floor space and natural light in all seasons.

Here are some of the excellent components of our sunroom installations that we take pride in as we work around the Toledo area. Think about how getting one of these well-built and adaptive setup can increase your use of your home and enhance your quality of life, while also contributing to better resale value potential down the road.

Seven Benefits Of Our Vinyl Sunroom Installations

Cam Locks

The cam action locks on these Windows and doors are state-of-the-art. A cam-type lock offers stable and secure latching and durability for the years ahead.

Single or Double Glass

You can choose to get glassed-in spaces with single pane glass, or the double layer hermetically sealed variant that holds in hot or cool air. Some people want this additional insulation, and others do not, for a space that may be more of an open-air or seasonal addition.

U.S. and Canadian Patents

The engineering of these systems is upheld by a number of patents on both sides of the U.S./Canadian border.

That alone shows the innovation that’s put into these home additions as we provide excellent quality and customer service to our households.

Optional Swing Door

Buyers can also choose to get an optional swing door to open up a space physically for indoor/outdoor use. In other situations, though, someone might not want this feature because of the potential for children or others to use it in unauthorized ways. Think about whether this feature should be a component of your individual job.

Fiberglass Screens

Our sun room systems come with standard fiberglass screens to protect those inside spaces from insects and outdoor contaminants. Without screens, open doors can get annoying.

Lifetime Warranty, Lifetime Glass

Last but not least, our final sunroom installations come with a lifetime warranty on systems and an additional lifetime warranty on glass components. That means everything from headlong shattering to equipment failure is covered for your peace of mind.

Want to know more? Browse the site and you can see additional details about the engineering of these and other products, and other information that’s helpful to households trying to improve the real estate that they own. We are a major business in the Toledo area, and we have a great reputation in the community, for helping with home improvements that really pay off, and come with a return on investment for customers.