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More About Vinyl Siding and Cladding

More About Vinyl Siding and Cladding

One of our most popular types of products is our extensive collection of vinyl siding and cladding products. These come in a range of styles and colors that can improve and accent your property in many different ways.

But some people are confused talking about these types of exterior materials.

What is siding, and what is cladding, and why are they important?

Development of Vinyl Siding

In the 1960s, companies were experimenting with manufacturing different types of vinyl products that would overlay many kinds of buildings. It became routine to cover a wood frame with exterior vinyl siding. This is still very common in the building industry, partly because of the durability and easy cleaning of vinyl siding products.

Another aspect of this is cost. Wood siding can be prohibitively expensive; aluminum siding can also be expensive and hard to maintain. Vinyl siding became somewhat of a standard in many American communities. It can be power washed for a cleaner look over the years, and to protect the surface from wear.

Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl Cladding is, in many cases, a bit different.

In general, people refer to ‘cladding’ as something that covers existing siding or exteriors, especially in American English

Where some people might talk about vinyl siding as ‘cladding’ in other countries, Americans definitely refer to cladding as an additional layer of protection placed over siding or other surfaces. Cladding is often used to shield something underneath from the ravages of the sun in hot and temperate climates.

With this in mind, vinyl cladding can be placed over items like brick or stone that are deteriorating, or certain types of stucco or exterior materials, depending on several factors

We sell different colors and styles of vinyl siding, with the quality that you need to renovate your home’s curb appeal! Ask us about how to get the right result for your home. Many of our customers are looking for smaller pieces for areas like eaves, or for soffits or dormers, and other areas of the home. You can also peruse our awnings and window and door offerings, all with the same quality and integrity that you’d expect from a top-tier, knowledgeable vendor. Get help from a BBB-accredited business, and if you’re in the area, stop by and visit our Perrysburg, OH showroom for a great experience. We’ve been doing this for a while, and are immensely proud of our track record in this competitive business.