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Let the Light In: How to Successfully Design a New Sunroom

The average homeowner spends around $9,000 a year on improvement projects. Making your surroundings nicer and more valuable will require a lot of work. If you love the outdoors but want to beat the heat during the summer months, a new sunroom is a great investment. Constructing a new sunroom is only possible if you hire professionals to assist you.

Sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes. This means you have to spend some time figuring out what your ideal sunroom should look like. If you are trying to successfully design a new sunroom, consider the following tips.

Let the Light In How to Successfully Design a New Sunroom

Will You Use the Sunroom Year-Round?

One of the first things a sunroom construction professional will want to know is how often you will use this new addition. If you are planning on using your new sunroom all year, you will have to invest in things like thermal paned doors, insulation and possibly a heating unit. Failing to put these elements in place will make your sunroom virtually unusable during the winter months.

Some homeowners prefer to design a sunroom that will only be used in summer, spring and fall. If you decide a three-season sunroom is the best fit for your needs, you will probably save money. Scheduling a few onsite estimates with sunroom builders in your area is a great way to figure out which one can provide the best price on this addition.

The Location and Size of Your New Sunroom

For the most part, sunrooms are located either off of the kitchen or living room. However, this is not a concrete rule you have to follow. Before the sunroom construction process begins, you have to figure out where this new addition will be located. When trying to make this important decision, be sure to consider things like:

  • Where is the best view located?
  • Will you use the sunroom as a multi-purpose room?
  • Where will the entry to the sunroom be located?
  • Do you want the sunroom to face north or south?

Consulting with professionals can help you make these important decisions. Rushing through the sunroom construction planning process can lead to lots of regret in the future. This is why taking your time and ironing out every detail of this project is advisable.

Choosing the Right Skylights, Windows and Doors

Creating an appealing and well-decorated sunroom is no accident. The overall look and feel of your sunroom will depend heavily on the types of windows, doors and skylights you use. Ideally, you want to choose these items based on the look of your home’s exterior. A new sunroom should be designed to complement the architecture of your home instead of clashing with it.

As you start to look at windows and doors for your sunroom, be sure to consider how energy-efficient they are. Properly insulated windows and doors can help you save a lot of money over time.

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