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Four Benefits Of Modern Awnings

Why do people love our retractable awnings and other types of functional and fashionable awnings for window covering?

Some of it has to do with nostalgia or a ‘retro’ design for a property. Other aspects of this have to do with the climate in a particular area, and how people want to outfit their homes accordingly. Sometimes, the awning is a mix of something that is both beautiful and functional. 

Here are some of the top selling points for the attractive awnings that we provide for properties.

Old-School Charm and Flair

There is just something neat about a cloth or vinyl awning, particularly those candy stripe designs that are so popular with many of our clients.

For many people, it reminds them of something like a midcentury popcorn stand, or a circus or county fair, or something like that. It gives them a distinct feeling of nostalgia and brightens up their property significantly.

Other people like neat solid color designs in burgundy or green or earth tones. You have to see how these look on windows to understand the beauty of the conventional awning and why people select this for their properties.


In the summer, shade is a must. Just ask OSHA, an agency which has made it one third of their prescription for outdoor workers.

But shade is important for homes, too, and windows that get too much natural light can benefit from being shaded and shielded by attractive awning covers. This can also, in some cases, help with energy bills. Weatherization companies might factor awnings into the energy footprint of a home, especially in certain biomes, like desert areas. 

Matching Landscaping

One big tip is to think about the overall outdoor design of your home and the color scheme that applies. Take a snapshot and look at it in a fuzzy or broadway, thinking about the colors that predominate, and how your awnings can match. Think about how you use things like outdoor lighting, and whether you want to add patios or walkways or other hardscaping, and then make your color and styles choices. 

Window Protection

Awnings also help to provide a front line of protection for windows and window frames. For things like sleet or hail, or again, excessive UV rays, awnings can make a big difference.

For much more, take a look at the website and ask us about any of our products for top modern home construction renovations. We stand behind our products and quality and excellence of the roofing and siding items that we sell. As a BBB-accredited business, we have a great reputation in the local area, and beyond. Let us help you to increase the curb appeal or your home and make it all that it can be.