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5 Reason You Should Add A Retractable Awning To Your Home

If you love to spend time outdoors but wish you could keep your deck cool or block out some of the sun’s rays, you may want to consider adding a retractable awning to your patio or porch.  These awnings have many benefits and can allow you to spend more time outdoors. When your outdoor areas are comfortable, you can allow your kids to play outdoors and even invite guests over for parties and outdoor fun. Here are five reasons you should consider adding a retractable awning to your home.

Block Harmful UV Rays

The sun’s ray can feel great on a summer day, but they can also be dangerous. UV Rays can lead to sunburns, skin damage, dehydration, heat stroke, and even skin cancer. A little bit of sun is okay, but if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors, you should do so in a shady place.  A retractable awning will give you such a space. The awning blocks out the harmful rays, so you can still enjoy the outdoors without the risk of sun damage.

Protect Patio Furniture

The sun can damage your patio furniture much like it can damage your skin. Direct sunlight can cause patio furniture and cushions to fade and break down quickly. Shading your furniture will not only help it last longer but also make it look better. It also allows you to use it more often, without getting burnt every time you sit down on it.

Beat The Elements

Ever wish you could be outside but not have to deal with all the heat? Want to have a picnic on your porch but worried about rain? When you have a retractable awning, you can use your patio in all types of weather. It will help keep the area cool on a hot day and protect you from rain on a rainy day. You don’t have to give up your picnic or outdoor time just because the weather is bad.

Property Appeal

A retractable awning can increase the value of your home and make it more appealing. People will be much more likely to come over for a visit if they know they have a comfortable and cool spot to sit and enjoy.  You may find that people even start asking you to host parties and special events.

More Usable Space

When your patio is cool and protected from the elements, you are more likely to use it. That’s like adding an extra room or space onto your home. A retractable awning can allow you to use a space where you otherwise wouldn’t spend much time. It can open up a lot of possibilities for that space too.